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I have been painting a little each day this week (working on some colorful abstract pieces), but I took some time away today to play with my camera. Naomi (my oldest daughter) will be ten years old in another month, and she always loves modeling for me. I love that she’s always up for trying different things! Here are a few of the shots we got…

Fresh Reminder

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I am sitting here somewhat sullenly on this dreary Saturday evening, feeling a wild mix of emotions.

My husband and son are out of town all weekend. It happened to coincide with a huge art open house that I had been looking forward to. So I decided to load up the girls and take them along with me.

We lasted an entire 43 minutes before they were absolutely over it. There was whining and complaining and spilled trail-mix and an overtired toddler. And I had sweat dripping down my back. We were a hot mess. I have spent the better part of this afternoon choking back tears.

I am feeling silly and selfish, with a mix of gratitude and discontentment…a mix of being okay with where I am and desperately longing to be doing something else. It is such an odd place to feel the blessing of freedom and yet feeling woefully trapped at the same time.

I think this experience today was exactly what I needed to remind myself that I am still very much in the throes of early motherhood. And that though this season feels as though it is dragging on for forever, I know that it is truly fleeting. I need to continue making first things first, and try my best to cherish this blessed season.

Because before I know it, I will be wondering where these days went. And I don’t want to look back and have any regrets. I won’t regret putting off a career for awhile longer, but I would totally regret not spending the time with these little blessings while I had them here with me. And if nothing else, today’s outing gave me this wonderful perspective, and for that, I am thankful.

Abstract Pieces

One of my goals as an artist in 2019 is to work toward developing a distinct style as I work with different mediums and subject matter. I have enjoyed experimenting with soft pastels recently, and I have a vision for a series of abstract landscapes and floral pieces. I am pleased with how these both have turned out, and I am excited to continue creating more colorful, abstract pieces.

And here’s an example of what this one could look like on a wall…

Landscape and Pears

I have been having SO much fun playing with my new pastels! They are so yummy and soft and VIBRANT. And now I need to sell some more pieces to be able to buy more of them! Haha! This next month, I will still have work displayed at the Birdie Gallery in Noblesville, as well as at the IGNITE studio maker’s space at the Fisher’s Library. I am also hoping to travel up to Chicago in May for a plein air painting event with some fellow pastel artists! In preparation for that, I will be working on some landscapes over the next few weeks. I also wanted to say WELCOME to my new subscribers!! I think I am up to four of you, now! Haha!

New Materials

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I LOVE unboxing new materials. And especially when those new materials include new pastels and papers!! I really love these Sennelier pastels and am still trying to love the Unison ones as well. Haha. I have typically used softer papers and harder pastels, but thought I would have a go with softer pastels and a rougher paper. My fingers are sore, but I definitely enjoyed the outcome!

This was my first attempt, and I chose to use a photograph I had taken of the sunset following a storm:

Mother Earth Exhibit

Everyone is welcome to visit the new 2-month exhibit titled “Mother Earth” at the Birdie Gallery in Noblesville. Tonight (April 5th) is the First Friday opening reception from 6:30-8:30pm. And I will be offering an art demonstration alongside two other artists. I am so excited to take part in this event!!

And I hope to see you there!

Welcome to my Site

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I hope you will take a look around and enjoy what you see. I love creating in all sorts of mediums, and enjoy sharing my process and exploration with others through this blog. If you are interested in purchasing original artwork, prints, or having something commissioned, please contact me! If you would like to be updated on upcoming art shows, events, or camps, please subscribe to the blog and you will be notified via email!

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