Trying New Things

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So last week, we decided to purchase a nice sewing machine…one that could handle some bigger jobs than the simple things we had been sewing up to this point. I have been having SO much fun learning a new craft. I have done some quilting and made a pillow and a few small blankets. Then this week, I branched out and began making dresses. They are FAR from perfect. But they are so fun! And of course, now all of my daughters want new dresses. Haha.

I also love that they can work right alongside me. My 9-year-old sewed a large quilt for her baby sister this week, too. After all of the work at the sewing machine, I looked around at the mess of scraps and couldn’t help but re-purpose them. So now I have begun a new series, that I am going to call “Sunsets from Scraps.” I just love all of the colors and patterns!

“Sunsets from Scraps” – a series of cloth works (the third one is still a work in progress)

March Shows

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I have a few things up around town this month! I have one piece up at the Hamilton East Public Libary Ignite studio space for their “In Bloom” exhibit this spring. I also still have two pieces up at the Birdie Gallery for the new members exhibit. And have submitted two pieces to the Nickel Plate Arts March exhibit: Healing Through the Arts. I also have one large piece up at the Noblesville City Hall. I love that I have pieces up all around town. But I also find myself missing my work. Haha. It is such a strange thing to create artwork, and then to pass it along for others to enjoy. Still getting used to it!

Me with two of my daughters at the First Friday gallery opening reception at Nickel Plate Arts!

But overall, I am just feeling SO thankful for all of these amazing opportunities! And my new studio space in my home is a reflection of that:

Polk Street Review

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I had the blessing of being part of this amazing publication again this year. And I can now officially say that I am an award winning photographer, artist, AND writer! What an honor! I was also asked to read one of my pieces in front of a group of total strangers. I sat in amazement as I listened to the others read and perform their selections as well. When I got home, I couldn’t sleep, and wrote this in my journal:

” I sat, Coca-cola in hand, and drank in their words and song as they poured out their hearts. I listened and swelled with pride over this group of creatives – gloriously unique and gifted. I know not one. And yet we are one…these people and I. Just by listening to them speak and sing, and reading their prose and song, I cannot help but be inspired. So here I lay at midnight, wide awake with words dancing about my head and ideas ricocheting in creative chaos. Thanks to these creatives and some Coca-cola.”

Such an honor to be part of this awesome publication and community!!

My Little Model

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I had a concept for a photoshoot, and my oldest daughter gladly helped me with it. Thanks to her tiny stature, she was able to squeeze into a very tight space. Haha. We had fun with this shoot!

In Perspective

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Perception Is Not Reality

I am super excited to have several NEW works hanging at the Nickel Plate Arts gallery all next month! The theme for January is In Perspective – a look into abstract art! I hope you are able to join me at the opening reception on Friday, January 4th! The reception will last from 6:00-9:00pm.