Polk Street Review

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I had the blessing of being part of this amazing publication again this year. And I can now officially say that I am an award winning photographer, artist, AND writer! What an honor! I was also asked to read one of my pieces in front of a group of total strangers. I sat in amazement as I listened to the others read and perform their selections as well. When I got home, I couldn’t sleep, and wrote this in my journal:

” I sat, Coca-cola in hand, and drank in their words and song as they poured out their hearts. I listened and swelled with pride over this group of creatives – gloriously unique and gifted. I know not one. And yet we are one…these people and I. Just by listening to them speak and sing, and reading their prose and song, I cannot help but be inspired. So here I lay at midnight, wide awake with words dancing about my head and ideas ricocheting in creative chaos. Thanks to these creatives and some Coca-cola.”

Such an honor to be part of this awesome publication and community!!