Trying New Things

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So last week, we decided to purchase a nice sewing machine…one that could handle some bigger jobs than the simple things we had been sewing up to this point. I have been having SO much fun learning a new craft. I have done some quilting and made a pillow and a few small blankets. Then this week, I branched out and began making dresses. They are FAR from perfect. But they are so fun! And of course, now all of my daughters want new dresses. Haha.

I also love that they can work right alongside me. My 9-year-old sewed a large quilt for her baby sister this week, too. After all of the work at the sewing machine, I looked around at the mess of scraps and couldn’t help but re-purpose them. So now I have begun a new series, that I am going to call “Sunsets from Scraps.” I just love all of the colors and patterns!

“Sunsets from Scraps” – a series of cloth works (the third one is still a work in progress)