Plein Air Painting

I’ve had the blessing of getting to paint with others outdoors twice this month! Right before Mother’s Day, I drove up to Chicago with the amazing Donna Shortt. We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny (although quite chilly) day up in the Windy City with some other pastel painters. Painting urban scenes isn’t something I am used to, and it proved to be quite a challenge for me! It was a great learning experience, none the less!

Then this week, I got together with a couple other homeschooling artist friends (the amazing Stephanie Spay and Jessica Green) one evening to paint on one of their friends’ beautiful property!! There were so many different things we could have painted…lovely paths…pastures and a barn…to where we chose to set up…a beautiful lake tucked away in the woods. It was quite a challenge to capture the light as it was constantly changing as the sun was setting. But SO beautiful and inspiring!

I will be posting again this week with information on my upcoming shows (there are at least three of them!). Lots of exciting things happening this summer!