Shop Local is a Success!

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The weather outside was frightful, but the art inside was SO delightful! 🙂 I wish it had been snowing, but last weekend was a cold, rainy mess! But that didn’t stop many people from stopping by Noble Made and the HCAA pop up gallery on the square!

I had a super fun surprise as I came in to take down my work. There was a couple who had been there for a little while before I got there. And as they saw me beginning to put stuff away, the gentleman says, “Wait! I want to see that one again!” After I hand him my one of my newest pieces (the camera), he smiles and hugs it, saying, “I want it!”

I am thankful to Walt Thacker, a fellow HCAA artist, who captured the sale happening. 🙂

It was such a bittersweet moment and completely took me off guard. I hadn’t planned to part with that piece so soon, as it was one of my newest favorite pieces. 🙂 But what a blessing to have someone fall in love with my work!! Guess I will need to begin painting some more vintage cameras in the near future! Haha.