Happy Easter

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I haven’t painted in a long while. So today, the kids and I took on a pretty huge project to help celebrate this weekend’s big holiday. It’s far from perfect, but it is glorious and beautiful and makes my heart smile big time. We used black masking tape and washable tempera paint (finger paint) on our sliding glass door. It took several coats of paint, with each one needing to dry completely before beginning the next, so this was a LONG project that took the better part of this day to complete. But we are SO happy with how it has turned out! When the sun shines through in the evening, it is absolutely radiant.

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  1. Shelagh M Speers

    That is breathtaking!! Thank you for this! I am a longtime follower of your various blogs (since before Isaac was born) and went looking for you again this weekend because you always post such lovely art for Easter, so reflective. This is gorgeous and such a great family effort. Happy Easter! ?

    • leslieo

      Wow! I had no idea!! Thank you for the kind words. 🙂